ALLOY 286 – GR. 6601.4980 – UNS S66286 – X5NiCrTi 26 15

Alloy Gr 660 – A286 (UNS S66286/W. Nr. 1.4980) is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum and titanium. It is age hardenable for high mechanical properties. The alloy maintains good strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to about 1300°F (700°C). The alloy is austenitic in all metallurgical conditions.The high strength and excellent fabrication characteristics of alloy Gr 660 –  A286 make the alloy useful for various components of aircraft and industrial gas turbines. It is also used for fastener applications in automotive engine and manifold components subject to high levels of heat and stress and in the offshore oil and gas industry.


Gr. 660 – UNS N08028
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  • Jet engines, gas turbines and turbo charger components
  • Hight temperature fasteners, springs
  • High magnetic cryogenic equipment

Caractéristiques générales

  • Good strength and oxidation resistance al high temperatures (1300ºF – 700ºC)

Informations techniques



Gr. 660 – UNS S66286
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Chemical specifications %


Gr. 660 – UNS S66286
Element Simbol Maximum %
Carbon C 0,08
Manganese Mn 2,00
Phosphorus P 0,040
Sulfur S 0,030
Silicon Si 1,0
Nickel Ni 24,0-27,0
Chrome Cr 13,5-16,0
Molybdenum Mo 1,0-1,5
Titanium Ti 1,90-2,35
Aluminium Al 0,35
Vanadium Va 0,1-0,5
Boronn Bo 0,001-0,01

Mechanical Properties

Gr. 660 – UNS S66286
Norm Rm min. Rp 0,2% min. E4d min.% Z min.% T.I.(J) HR B HB
A-638 13 (895) 85 (585) 15 18 248