Duplex Superduplex

They are two-phase austenitic-ferritic alloys, with yield strength twice than austenitic steels and a similar corrosion resistance. This allows them support greater efforts at work or decrease size of components, which means significant savings. They have excellent toughness than ferritic steels.

40 years as specialists of the special

Supplying special materials to industry since 1983. Specialists in materials with high corrosion and temperature resistance, adding value to the supply chain making easier the access to needed quantity and delivery time of these high technical complexity materials but necessary in the day to day life of many industries.

During these more than 40 years of history, Acequisa has earned a position as a leader in the distribution of this type of products at a national level. Due to the high quality of our service, our customers have always found us an ally to find the best conditions for the supply of special stainless steels and alloys of nickel, titanium and others.