The combination of high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance makes Titanium the best material choice for many critical applications.

Today, Titanium alloys are used for demanding applications such as static and rotating gas turbine engine components. Some of the most and highly-stressed civilian and military airframe parts are made of these alloys.

The primary reasons for using titanium-base products are its outstanding corrosion resistance of titanium and its useful combination of low density (4.5g/cm3) and high strength. The strengths vary from 480MPa for some grades of commercial titanium to about 1100MPa for structural titanium alloy products and over 1725MPa for special such as wire and springs.

Another important characteristic of titanium-base materials is the reversible transformation of the crystal structure alpha (hexagonal close-packed) structure to beta (body-centered cubic) structure when the temperature exceed certain level. This allotropic behavior, which depends in the type and amount of alloys contents, allows complex variations in microstructure and more diverse strengthening opportunities than those of other nonferrous alloys such as coppers or aluminum.

Titanium has the following advantages:

  • Good strength

  • Resistance to erosion and erosion-corrosion

  • Very thin, conductive oxide surface film.

  • Hard, smooth surface that limits adhesion of foreign materials.

  • Surface promotes drop wise condensation.

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