HASTELLOY® C42.4610 – UNS N06455 – NiMo16Cr16Ti

Hastelloy C4® alloy is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with outstanding high-temperature stability as evidenced by high ductility and corrosion resistance even after aging in the 1200 to 1900ºF (649 to 1038ºC) range. Hastelloy C4® alloy can be forged, hot-upset and impact extruded. Although the alloy tends to work-harden, it can be succesfully deep-drawn, spun, press formed or punched. Wrought forms of C4 alloy are furnished in the solution heat-treated condition unless otherwise specified. C4 alloy is solution heat-treated at 1950ºF (1066ºC) and rapid quenched.


seamless-pipe Seamless Tubes

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  • Fasteners and chemical process equipment
  • Hot contaminated mineral acids, solvents, chloride and chlorine contaminated media
  • Acetic acids, acetic anhydride and seawater and brine solutions.

General characteristics

This alloy resists the formation of grain-boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone, thus making it suitable for most chemical
process applications in the as-welded condition. C-4 alloy also has excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and to oxidizing
atmospheres up to 1900ºF (1038ºC).

Technical information



C4 – UNS N06455
Product Norm ASTM
Seamless Tubes B-622
Welded Tubes B-619 B-626
Plates B-575
Bars B-574
Flanges B-574
Fittings B-366

Chemical specifications %


C4 – UNS N06455
Element Simbol Maximum
Carbon C 0,015
Manganese Mn 1,0
Titanium Ti 0,70
Sulfur S 0,030
Silicon Si 0,08
Nickel Ni Balance
Chrome Cr 14,0-18,0
Molybdenum Mo 14,0-17,0
Cobalt Co 2,0
Phosphorus P 0,04
Iron Fe 3,0

Mechanical Properties

C4 – UNS N06455
Norm Rm min. Rp 0,2% min. E4d min.% Z min.% T.I.(J) HR B HB
B-574 100 (690) 40 (276) 40
B-575 100 (690) 40 (276) 40
B-619 100 (690) 40 (276) 40
B-622 100 (690) 40 (276) 40
B-626 100 (690) 40 (276) 40