INCONEL® X750 2.4669 – UNS N07750 – NiCr15Fe7TiAl

Inconel® X-750 is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy used for its corrosion and oxidation resistance and high strength at temperatures to 1300ºF (704ºC). Although much of the effect of precipitation hardening is lost with increasing temperature over 1300ºF, heat-treated material has useful strength up to 1800ºF (980ºC). Alloy X-750 also has excellent properties down to cryogenic temperatures. The economics of Inconel® alloy X-750 coupled with its availability in all standard mill forms has resulted in applications in a wide variety of industrial fields.


seamless-pipe Seamless Tubes

welded-pipe Welded Tubes
plate Plates
bar Bars  stock
flanges Flanges
accessories Fittings


  • Gas turbines
  • Rotor blades, wheels, bolts and other structural members
  • Airframe applications
  • Large pressure vessels
  • Heat-treating fixtures, forming tools, extrusion dies…

General characteristics

Depending on the application and the properties desired, various heat treatments are employed. For service above 1100ºF (593ºC),
particularly where loads are to be sustained for long times, optimum properties are achieved by solution treating (2100ºF-1150ºC) plus
stabilization treating (1550ºF-843ºC) plus precipitation treating (1300ºF-704ºC).

Technical information



X750 – UNS N07750
Product Norm ASTM
Seamless Tubes  
Welded Tubes  
Bars B-637

Chemical specifications %


X750 – UNS N07750
Element Simbol Maximum
Carbon C 0,08
Manganese Mn 1,00
Titanium Ti 2,25-2,75
Cobalt Co 1,00
Silicon Si 0,50
Nickel Ni 70,0
Chrome Cr 14,0-17,0
Aluminium Al 0,40-1,00
Copper Cu 0,50
Niobium Nb 0,70-1,20
Iron Fe 5,0-9,0
Sulfur S 0,01

Mechanical Properties

X750 – UNS N07750Type 1
Norm Rm min. Rp 0,2% min. E4d min.% Z min.% T.I.(J) HR B HB
B-637 140 (965) 90 (620) 8 262